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End to kidney stones
posted by: Anna on 10/24/2018

Please pray. They are so painful, and I really want them to be gone so I can be me again and be more attentive to my family rather than focused on the pain. Thank you so much.
I will pray  
posted by: Magda A Lovejoy on 10/22/2018

Pray that I will receive God's wisdom to write books and become a famous author, that the evil spirits of abuse, murder and abduction named Paul Bernardo and Jhana Maya Bradshaw leave me and set me free, giving me protection from angels and my spiritual gifts, and send the evil Muslim spirits of persecution named Mafia, and Sarkis and Mary Harmandayan away as they are abusive, renewing my mind and restoring my soul, setting me free from all Satanic assignments in my life. Blessings in Christ, Magdalena Lovejoy www.magdalenalovejoy.ca
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Pray for us
posted by: Darshini on 10/21/2018

My crush of 8 years suddenly approached me. And he was interested in me for few months. Now all of a sudden he is ignoring me and not calling me at all compare to last time. When I approached him,he said he doesn't want to get married at all because he wants to focus on his work and his parents. So,I need a prayer that God will open his eyes and make him realise he can focus on his work and also at the same time be in a relationship with me. I want God to make him propose to me because I want to be his wife. I loved him for 8 years and I don't mind waiting for him. My name : Darshini Kalaichelvam,28 years old,from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia My crush name : Joel Agustin,30 years old,Klang,Malaysia
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posted by: Erin on 10/15/2018

For uncertainty with my job and not knowing if I will continue to have my job despite mistakes made. For Gods will, security, the ability to pay bills and provide for myself. For peace of mind and happiness in my vocation.
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posted by: Alessandro RILLO on 10/14/2018

Dear friends, I ask you your powerful prayer so that God can save my soul, I feel the most disgusting being, useless to the world, I am a mistake I did not have to be born, I caused so many problems especially to my relatives. I do not know love, friendship ... I can not take the first step of my change, I feel like a living corpse. Help me with your prayer so that I can convert to find a holy Catholic priest with whom I can return to the true Holy Catholic Doctrine and attend the Holy Sacraments. I do not do anything good from morning to night, I do not work, I do not study ... I am desperate and I abandon myself to complete lukewarmness, I have never been brave since I was a child. How I would like to make sense of my life, even though I am still 23 years old I would still like to find the job, the road, the mission-vocation God wants from me also through the encouragement of holy friendships (which I do not have). And so hope to live, work, suffer, atone and die in the will of God. Pray also for my family and for my neighbors, there are always discussions because my mother has such anger inside that she transmits it to everyone, pray for them so that they can receive their pension and be converted. Thank you for your prayer that God can bless you. alerillo123@gmail.com
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distressed family members
posted by: julian fernandes on 10/13/2018

That My daughter Asmitha and spouse Abie Joseph married since 5 years no issue, in Oz be blessed with gift of child (possibly male). shocked to learn not consummated marriage !!! discouraged Abie not mating her to have a child for reasons God alone knows. Her two cousiness already married have gal kids and she feels frustrated. Added is Abie’s uncertainty of job and always both in heated argument. Please pray peace, healing touch, unity supportive to one another and consummate their marriage by the Holy Spirit and have male kids two and raise them up for the kingdom of God’s glory in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And all my paper processing for my intend visiting them are all cleared and successful obtain a visitor visa with safe journey back and forth in mid Dec / January. Desperate situation Son Alroyd convert Islam muslim wife Shaista (threatening him to get out of her house) with 3 gal kids (aamena 11 years, zara about 5 years and mahinoor about 3years )are released from bondage of islam and come out safely under the protection of Jesus Christ and the entire family including her parents are filled with the truth of the Holy Spirit; jobless every now and then throwing or losing jobs tht he obtains a secured good job have their own home and delivered from Islam. Defiant life time lazy eldest sis Josephine 76 yrs. repents surrenders to Jesus in repentance and forgiveness from deceased parents, under curse having exercised voodism through book literateure), in-laws spouse Patrick and entire family, repents prays together attend church turn responsible; desperate bachelor bro Peter daughter Lourdes and her bro Linus all delivered from bondages, sincerely repents, healed are blest with jobs turn responsible and live in peace and harmony. That all obstructions such as in my documents, certificates and various obstructions including that of my deceased wife Aveena Auria are cleared lots of mix up in confusion of names/missing names to develop my small plot of land (in Madgao, Goa) of my life-savings for housing project for my son Alroyd and daughter and others in Madgao since quite long and cleared goes smoothly well without hindrances and a church built up on a close adjacent hill where a waste plant is spewing filth and foul smell.
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Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health
posted by: Anand Kumar on 10/10/2018

Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health i have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased, i am trying hard to Job change so that i can clear debts. ( inspite of all the issues, i am paying my tithe to my Church regularly). regards G. Anand Kumar +919743756969
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Pray for me and my friends and brother !
posted by: John B on 10/8/2018

Pray that God sends my brother lots of houses for sale at low prices that he can buy for his business.Pray that God has the house he made the offer on have owner agree to sell it to him .Pray big business deals come to Sal my broither ans that these business deals come my brother's way this week to flourish his business.Pray God sends me lots of Christ centered women in 20s and 30s to date and one of these becomes my wife ad mother of our children. Pray God keeps Usa safe and out of wars and helps the banks,stock market and housing market flourish.Thanks for praying,John B
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Persecuted Church
posted by: Zeke_Ron on 10/2/2018

People's Republic of China is destroying Churches, burning Bibles and imprisoning God's people. Check Beliefnet.
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Prayer Req
posted by: Chels on 10/2/2018

Please pray for me, my Family and my Enemies. Thank you!
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