Celebrating With Friends

November 19, 2013

You should have been there. You really should have been with us this day as we came together to be with our Bishop. It was a beautiful service and a wonderful feast followed in the parish hall, AND it was fun...a really good time as some might remember a TV personality of another earlier age had it

In addition, we also celebrated the Birthday of our dear friend, Ruth Hoger.  In short, Nov 17 was indeed a day of celebration for us all.

Many thanks to Katheryn Gordon for the lovely hand made Vimpa!!!  Most of us have had quite a history lesson as we learned exactly what a Vimpa is!  

"A vimpa (plural: vimpae) is a veil or shawl worn over the shoulders of servers who carry the mitre and crosier during liturgical functions when they are not being used by the bishop, in the Roman Catholic, Anglican Catholic, and some other western churches.
The vimpa is used to hold the mitre or crosier, thus preventing direct contact with the pontificalia by anyone other than the bishop. Vimpa-bearers attend the bishop during High Mass, and follow him in procession. Their function is to show the congregation that the person carrying the item (either the Mitre or the Crozier) does not have the authority of a bishop. For the same reason, the carrier of the Crozier also holds it in the closed position, i.e. crook facing towards them, in contrast to the bishop, who holds it with the crook facing away from himself."