Gregory West

By Fr. Hall |  January 25, 2012

Greetings In Christ. I write to announce the death of Gregory West of our church and of St. Augustine ACC in Milton GA. Gregory died early Sunday morning last. The funeral service is scheduled to be at 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon 12 February 2012 at the Ebenezer Methodist Church, 12900 Arnold Mill Road, Milton GA where St. Augustine's has been meeting. Fr. John Roddy late of St. Hilda's will travel from Alexandria VA to officiate at this service. Rest eternal grant to Gregory O Lord. Terrence+

A further update to those who may be interested in attending the service for Greg West. Please be advised that the service may not actually be on Sunday afternoon, but rather on Monday afternoon at time to be determined. I shall do my best to keep everyone posted. Terrence+