Marathon this Sunday

By Fr. Hall |  March 16, 2012

I also want to alert everyone to the fact that as we drove to church this evening we passed a sign at Ponce de Leon and Briarcliff advising that a Marathon will be run this coming Sunday March 18. If this is so traffic will be snarrled up and rerouted and a general mess. The message is to allow extra time on the way to Church Sunday. Blessings Terrence+

Anyone coming from north or south using 75-85 can exit at Freedom Parkway, turn left at Boulevard (the traffic light immediately after the start of Freedom Parkway) then turn right onto Highland, and drive to St. Hilda without any trouble.     From the east there doesn’t seem to be any bridge over the race course, so maybe the sure thing is just to take I-20 to 75-85 and then to Freedom Parkway.
 Michael J. Lynch