The people of St Hilda's make it a warm and loving place where we can gather together in fellowship and Orthodox Worship.

The Rev. Fr. Terrence HallThe Rev. Fr. Terrence Hall
Profile The Rev. Fr. Terrence Hall Anglican Tradition - Catholic Discipline - Orthodox ... more
Cell Phone: (678) 906-7405

The Rev. Fr. Robert T. Jones IVThe Rev. Fr. Robert T. Jones IV
Associate Priest
Fr. Jones has been associated with St. Hilda's for over 10 years, and everyone in the ... more

The Rev. Fr. Robert RobinsonThe Rev. Fr. Robert Robinson
ret. Associate

Dr. Walter BishopDr. Walter Bishop
Walter Bishop is one of those not-too-common adult Atlantans who were born in Atlanta, ... more

Lay ReadersLay Readers
 Our lay readers play an important role in the Mass at St Hilda's.  We ... more

The Altar GuildThe Altar Guild
We would all miss the ladies of the Altar Guild were they not there, yet we seldom think of ... more

Judy LemoineJudy Lemoine
Parish Clerk
 If you want to know ANYTHING about St. Hilda's, just ask Parish Clerk Judy. ... more

David RobinsonDavid Robinson
Media Coordinator
If you have any comments or questions regarding the web site or if you have a NEWS ARTICLE or a ... more