Judy Lemoine, Parish Clerk

 If you want to know ANYTHING about St. Hilda's, just ask Parish Clerk Judy.  From serving on the Altar Guild for over 10 years, to knowing where everything in the church is located, Judy is a source of strength in our parish.  Not only will she make sure that the vacuum cleaner is refurbished, but she will will put a tag on it saying exactly when it was done. If you can't find the altar candles, ask judy.  If you come to St. Hilda's as a stranger, Judy is the one who will interrupt whatever she is doing to make you feel at home.  In addition, she is the repository of the history of St. Hilda's parish.  If you want to know, ask Judy.  Ask anyone what Judy does at St. Hilda's and they will tell you that she is the glue that holds us together.  She is indeed The Keeper of the Flame.  Thanks Judy, for everything that you do, and have done.  You are truly God's instrument for good.