As an orthodox Christian community, we believe faithfully in the ultimate power of prayer.  

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Injury prayers
posted by: Ronald Z. on 5/23/2020

Allen "W" injured in an accident.
I will pray  
Family member I'll.
posted by: Ronald. Zukowski. on 5/17/2020

My Cousin Richard Mansavage of Rusholdt Wisconsin is undergoing treatment for bone cancer.
I will pray  
Repose of the Soul
posted by: Ronald Zukowski on 4/22/2020

Linda J. Henderson, a friend since elementary school passed away after a brief illness.
I will pray  
Medical Tests
posted by: Ronald Zukowski on 4/20/2020

Not for myself, but the wife of a friend needs a mammogram and this, as with a plethora of other medical procedures is on hold. Let us storm heaven with request that our doctors and other health care pros be able to use the talent GOD has given them to help and heal.
I will pray  
Healings & peace
posted by: Mary on 4/2/2020

Pls. pray for a quick end to the corona virus and for protection and provision for all
I will pray  
Please pray for my grandma
posted by: Alexsandra on 3/16/2020

Please pray for my grandma. she was recently diagnosed with cancer.
I will pray  
Healings & peace
posted by: Mary on 3/10/2020

Pls. pray for Little Joey who is in great need of healing, and for many others too, also, pls. pray against the corona virus
I will pray  
posted by: Magdalena Lovejoy on 3/3/2020

I need a miracle for urgent healing and a great restoration for my soul and mind for Viola Cleo MacCormack.
I will pray  
God Save Eric
posted by: Alfred on 2/27/2020

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. It said that The Prodigal Son came to himself and returned to the Father’s House. Pray God to give Eric the grace to come to himself, turn to Jesus, repent, and be saved. May he find grace, mercy, and forgiveness in the Crucified Saviour and New Life through the Resurrected Saviour.
I will pray  
need prayers and miracles
posted by: on 2/24/2020

we have problems that are overwhelming, and many of them. Please pray God will move the right someone to give us a chance and to hire each of us in job where we get paid enough to survive and pay our many bills. Also we have other needs that are even greater and more serious than that, many serious needs. Please pray God will miraculously help us and connect us to the right people to help us (and keep the wrong people far away), - please pray God will help us in all areas of life UNTIL all we are facing is resolved with peace and great results, please
I will pray  
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